Miscellaneous: 7 Fake Vampire Weekend Covers That Wouldn’t Surprise Anyone

cruise vampireweekendQuick fun story:this album art is not real. It was made by a college student for his design class, released along with a fake track list. It looks so real that it fooled basically everyone on the internet, and all music blogs were reporting the news quickly. It was believed to be common knowledge until XL Records made a statement saying otherwise. It says something about the cliches of a Vampire Weekend album art..

Love or hate Vampire Weekend, you can’t say they aren’t consistent. The band has maintained a certain aesthetic through their work over the years that has never broken character. With their new album Modern Vampires of the City being released today, I took notice to how simple it really is. Seemingly any picture that displays some type of class or irony, matched with some Futura font, will do the trick. Just for fun, check out some album covers that you may do a double take at if you saw them on the shelves.

All in good fun, of course. The new Vampire Weekend album Modern Vampires of the City is in stores today. Happy listening!



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