Watch: Tame Impala’s Awesome Cover of Outkast’s “Prototype”

tamekastTriple-J is the premier alternative radio station in Australia, home of (my favorite band) Tame Impala. They regularly do a fun segment with musical guests called “Like A Version” in which the guests pick a song to cover live for radio.

Tame Impala happened to be a featured guest recently as they tour through their homeland. Interestingly, the band chose a far out departure from their expected sound in the ATL rap group Outkast. However, the song they chose, “Prototype”, isn’t so far off center actually. Take a listen to the original below before watching the performance and compare for fun.

Next, watch Tame Impala’s echoed, funked out interpretation.

I’ve heard the band mention before how much they love Outkast, so this is a real treat for me. Musical Chairs has been online for too long without a Tame Impala post.




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