Slick Rhyming: New Tracks From Earl Sweatshirt and MF Doom

Some new tracks came online recently from two rappers representing the slickest rhymes of two generations: MF Doom holding down the fort as he has for the last decade plus, along with Earl Sweatshirt, the 19 year old rapper from Odd Future.

Sweatshirt has cited DOOM as a big influence often through his quickly realized fame. They both share a syllable runoff technique that never seems to end, leaving some challenged in following their flow. However, they’re both widely regarded as extremely talented and I fall into the category of being a major fan of both.

Earl Sweatshirt’s proper debut album Doris is expected to be released this summer. He’s currently doing shows around the country, heading into a very busy summer festival schedule in support of the new album. Various new songs have been played, and the newest features RZA with a blunt, ridiculous hook. Check out the performance below.

Next, DOOM released a collaboration with producer Clams Casino called “Bookfiend”. Everything you’d expect from a DOOM track and more. The song is a contribution to a project DOOM is currently working on under Lex Records. You can hear it below.

Can you hear the influence?



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