Calm Before The Storm: Chance The Rapper

“I got supsended, ohh you got suspended / For chiefin’ a hundred blunts, 14,400 minutes.”

That’s the opening line to Chance the Rapper’s “14,400 Minutes” the song that opens his debut mixtape 10 Day, while also explaining his infamous rise to fame. Chance is best known as the kid who got caught smoking weed outside the school parking lot, got suspended during his senior year of high school..and decided to make his debut mixtape with the time. Quickly, he gained recognition around his Chicago home area, and additions to the tape featured big names such as Chuck Inglish, on production.

Call it a gimmick, but Chance has graduated from the cliche along with high school. This Tuesday, Chance is set to drop his second mixtape Acid Rap, which is shaping up to be a much grown effort for Chance, with various features and new endorsements.

Chance has plenty of things going for him. He’s the type of rapper that some may latch on to because of his relaxed personality, while others are interested in his one of a kind flows, twisting words to his liking with his unique cartoonish voice. The Rapper has plenty of personality to back up his wordplay, which is also fun and entertaining.

However, I believe Acid Rap will be Chance’s real breakout effort. He’s already been well received and hype is beginning to build, but once this releases Tuesday, I expect to hear Chance on some album placements, tagging along for larger tours, etc. He’s much improved from his ambitious but occasionally amateur 10 Day, based on the most serious track from him I’ve heard “Acid Rain”. Hear Chance lay everything out on the table below.

“As of late, all my verses seem not so versey / All my words just mean controversy /

Took the team off my back like ‘That’s not your jersey?'”

Imagine my surprise when I heard the once cartoony kid grow into the solemn introvert that’s featured on “Acid Rain”. Perhaps it’s not the hype music from before, but it’s genuine and that’s all I want to hear from an artist at the end of the day.

In fact, the growth has only added shades of color to the once solely bright Chance. Despite wearing his heart on his sleeve during tracks like “Acid Rain”, he still shines with enthusiasm on tracks like another Acid Rap single “Juice”.

The transformation is complete: Chance is beginning to reach his potential. Once Acid Rap is released this Tuesday, the Rapper should be on his way to the success he dreamed of when he sat down in a cop car outside of his high school in Chicago.

Download Acid Rap this Tuesday.



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