News: TV On The Radio Leaves Interscope, Working On New Material


TV On The Radio is an experimental alternative rock band based out of Brooklyn, New York. Their last album Nine Types of Light proved their staying power after the critical acclaim of 2008’s Dear Science.., which proved them to be more than the one hit wonders based on 2006’s Return to Cookie Mountain. Unfortunately, it seems like TV On The Radio has been forced to keep validating their unique beep-bloop brand of soul and rock throughout their career despite releasing solid albums again and again.

News surfaced today that the band has split from Interscope, their label since 2006. However, this will not hold the band up, as they are working on new material as well as planning to release a single through band member David Sitek’s new label. The new album will provide perhaps their biggest challenge yet after a split from their familiar home with Interscope as well as the tragic loss of former bassist Gerald Smith, who passed away in April 2011.

Personally, it is pleasant news to see that the band will be able to continue. It would be terribly unfortunate for the music to disappear, therefore I’m happy to see that the band can continue to release music in Smith’s memory.

The band has said there is no pressure felt to ‘lock themselves in the studio’, so there’s no expected release date in near sight. However, the band’s new single is expected to be released later this summer.



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