Best Songs Ever: “Life As A Fish” by N.E.R.D.

100725837_640“Life As A Fish” is a song from experimental production band N.E.R.D. from their 2010 album Nothing. I first heard the song through several comments I had noticed Tyler, the Creator make regarding the song as one of his favorites. Since Pharrell is a noted dominant inspiration for Tyler, so I was interested to hear the highly praised song.

Beginning with those cymbal hits, I’m not really sure what to expect – then suddenly, it hits you. Pharrell enters with angelic voices, beginning to describe the questions of creation and evolution of a fish. The song continues to ponder the simple life of a fish, climaxing with breaking snares and cymbals as Pharrell enters “dry land!”

The song is really abstract and weird in subject matter, but it’s sound is so beautiful. In another song structure, I wouldn’t blame someone for skipping a song about the lives of fish, but here it’s clear that the song is about something bigger than that with the aura the song forms around the listener.

It’s easy to become lost in the song, especially through sufficient speakers. Hearing it and laying back, you start to question how simple our lives may be as well. It’s a short trip that leaves me with more questions than answers but I return to it like it’s the solution. Sort of like life’s demands, the song becomes comforting once it’s accepted without the many questions one may be left with.

Getting a little too philosophical here. That’s what “Life As A Fish” will do to you.



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