Record Store Day: Nashville

When somebody in Nashville says ‘Record Store Day’, everybody else thinks the same thing: Grimeys. In this town, they’ve become synonymous with vinyl, and there are few better shops to which you can go; after all, the place has a locally-renowned venue built right in, let alone the fact that plenty of artists frequently do play-ins and perform out right behind the shop.

Against my better judgment, I made the mile-and-a-half hike from Belmont’s campus to Grimeys, opened a door, and saw immediately that it was bursting at the seams; by 2 PM, people were still waiting around to check out from that morning. With a shift starting at 4, I knew I wouldn’t be able to buy anything from the store’s shelves, but navigated the maze of people (they had organized themselves into a double-sided tunnel that you had to walk through) out to the stage in the back where Paramore had just played. They were the big headliner of the day, but fortunately there were plenty of follow-up acts soon after.

One of those acts was Alanna Royale, a local neosoul-rock outfit drenched in Jagger-swagger, complete with a horns section, a guitarist with some hot licks (and shoes), and an eponymous lead singer whose voice was as raunchy as her banter. Hear them below…

After a moment of silence for their native Boston, they played a handful of songs and announced that they were selling thirty 7″ singles–all of which had original artwork from different artists around Nashville. I shelled out $10 and wound up with cover by a local graffiti artist named Audie Adams, about whom Alanna couldn’t seem to speak highly enough.


Who I had really come to see was Josh Rouse, armed with a 3-piece backup band and a handful of songs from The Happiness Waltz and other previous albums.

And boy did he deliver.



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