Guilty Pleasures: “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef

Chief+KeefHere’s to introducing the newest Musical Chairs column: Guilty Pleasures. Inspired by our writer Rachel Casey, this is the place where each of us will share the songs that we enjoy – and may be a little embarrassed to admit. Don’t we all have those songs? Undoubtedly, when that certain jam starts playing, we just can’t fight the urge to move with it. We hope you enjoy the column and won’t make fun of us too much for our picks.

“Love Sosa” is a song from Chief Keef’s debut album Finally Rich, released at the end of last year. Chief Keef is a relatively new artist and this is likely his most popular song, along with “I Don’t Like” and “Hate Being Sober”.

What makes this a guilty pleasure? First off – the song is incredibly simple. In fact, it’s really amazing that people love to sing along with the nonsense that Chief Keef spits all over this track.

But what can I say? It’s catchy. I can’t deny it. The song also holds a funny reminiscence for me. Two weeks from today I will be moving out of the dorms and returning home from college for the summer. Throughout my freshman year, my dorm hall has been uniquely close, and I’ve became really good friends with everyone. For the longest time, this song was essentially hall’s anthem. My roommate has some really great speakers in our room and it was never a surprise to return to the dorm with the door open and this song blasting as my friends hung out together in the hall.

The lyrics are also kind of funny to me, along with being catchy. I remember the first time I heard the song, a guy pointed out to me – “Did Chief Keef just say ‘I can fuck yo mama’?” Indeed, he did. Chief Keef spends his verses finishing with the same basic suffixes throughout, going as far as ending each sentence with ‘boy!’ in one verse. And the chorus! It’s too fun to sing. Once that chorus hits, everyone in the room will sing it. And if they don’t know it, it’s simple enough to remember for the next one: “These bitches love Sosa! / O end or no end / Fuckin’ wit them O boys / You gonna get fucked ova!”

Overall, it’s just a fun song with a hype beat that gets people going. I’ll probably always hear this song and think of a friend of mine punching the ceiling tiles out of our dorm hall. Good times.



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