News: Daft Punk Releases Official Single

After the seemingly endless stream of fan-made versions, Daft Punk has officially released the first single off of their new album, Get Lucky. Most of the fan-made songs were loops of the small bits from the trailers that the group had been releasing and it was hard to tell what was real and what wasn’t.

Yet this track is the official radio edit single. It doesn’t feature much more than what was leaked with the album teaser but it’s good nonetheless. Daft Punk has talked about the stagnant status of electronic music right now and has prided their new album Random Access Memories (May 21) as being different. With a collaboration list almost as long as the track listing they’re well on their way.

Get Lucky features a simple disco melody and rhythm, an instant dance classic that’s made even better by Pharrell Williams’  falsetto, carefully layering lyrics that Earth, Wind, & Fire would be proud of. Nile Rodgers’ funk-tastic guitar is an added bonus.

Listen to Get Lucky below.



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