Feature: Festival Safety: That Time I Passed Out Before Seeing Kendrick Lamar

This past weekend, I attended the annual Number Fest, hosted by Ohio University. It was a reasonable drive from my place here in Lexington, KY at the University of Kentucky, and the tickets were ridiculously cheap (only $30 for an impressive lineup). I’d never been to the Athens area and was surprised how beautiful the campus was. The day looked promising as we drove into the mountain side area where the festival was being held. College students roamed all over all heading towards the Red Bull inflatable entrance. The lineup included Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki along with interesting low-key names like Watch the Duck and Bad Rabbits.

Live music is something I really love. I try to go see cool artists whenever I can afford it and it’s usually the most fun I can have for my money’s worth. I had planned on reviewing my day at The Number Fest, but before I knew it the day went way off course. During the festival, I was standing near the front of the stage. The crowd was about 95% intoxicated, I imagine. I wasn’t however; I was chilling along the gate with my pal jumping around as Bad Rabbits began their set. Even on a cool day, before I knew it I found myself getting too thirsty. I told my friend I’d be back and began to push through the rabid crowd, which likely only made things worse. My vision began to turn scrambled and black and suddenly I found myself hanging on to a tent pole that I’d grabbed on to for support.

The next moment I was opening my eyes as water was being given to me, along with someones Gatorade. I came back to my senses fully within minutes but was shocked by just how quickly this had happened. I’d been dehydrated just like that, going from completely fine to stumbling in less than ten minute’s time. Thankfully, people were there to assist me and I was helped back to full recovery. I even had the pleasure of enjoying Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki later that evening.

The point of the story is that you never can be too careful at music festivals. I’ll admit, this one was quite out of hand. The crowd lost control and security could do little to help the situation. However, always keep in mind that at any concert, at any venue, you should always keep an extra water bottle on you. I had one not far before the incident, but the intensity of the crowd evidently drained my energy that quickly.

Moral of the story: always go to concerts planning to party, safely!



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