Rap Round-Up: New Songs From Pusha T and Kanye West, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang’s New Album Coming July

It was a big day in rap. Lots of eventful things went down today, so I decided to collect the biggest bits of news together for you all to catch up.

First things first. Jay-Z started the day with a new track titled “Open Letter”, in which he responds to media coverage of his and Beyonce’s trip to Cuba, his decision to sell his shares of the Brooklyn Nets, etc. Jay-Z dropping an unexpected track is news alone, but things really get interesting whenever the White House decides to formally respond to lyrics from a rap songListen to the new track below, produced by Swizz Beats and Timbaland.

Next, only 11 minutes after Jay-Z’s new track, Kanye West decided to pull a classic Kanye West move and drop a new track that he produced for Pusha T’s new album My Name Is My Name. The track is titled “Numbers On The Board” and sports a really nice beat from West that Pusha T tears up, as you might expect. My Name Is My Name is set to release this summer.

Also, Wu-Tang Clan has been popping up on lots of festival lineups recently, and it’s looking like you’ll be able to hear new material from group as well. Wu-Tang Clan’s new album is titled A Better Tomorrow and is set to be released in July. I’ll have the chance to see Wu-Tang Clan at Bonnaroo this summer, which I’ll be reviewing day-by-day afterwards.

Lots of things to catch up on and it isn’t even the evening yet. Keep updated here on the site for all music news easily.



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