Interactive Junk! Follow Musical Chairs on Facebook, Best Songs Ever Spotify Playlist

The train has only just started rolling on Musical Chairs. Those of you who have been reading so far: thank you! We appreciate it so much. Now, we hope to grow our audience by making cool new things available to you all.

The first place to start is by liking our Facebook page here. As I’m sure most of do as well, I spend much more time on my Facebook feed than my WordPress reader. In fact, I’ve noticed quite a bit of the music news I catch comes through the sources I enjoy linking it through Facebook. So, this is a new way for you all to stay in touch with Musical Chairs conveniently.

Also, there is the very cool addition on Spotify. Spotify has blown up over the last year or so, likely becoming the most commonly used music app. We do a number of columns here on our blog including one on-going list titled Best Songs Ever. I thought it would only make sense for the best songs ever to be gathered in one place to be heard together, arguably creating the best playlist ever? That’s up to you to decide. You can follow Musical Chairs Daily’s BEST SONGS EVER playlist here.

Now, is there anything we’ve missed? If so, let us know! We’re all about making the site better for all of you. We hope that you enjoy these new additions we’ve made to expand our love of music. Have a good one!


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