Best Songs Ever: “Comeback Kid” by Sleigh Bells

Comeback Kid is the only single off of Sleigh Bells’ sophomore album Reign of Terror and one of my absolute favorite songs. The duo is known for their ear-busting mixture of synthesized rhythms and melodies, officially classified as “noise pop.”

Comeback Kid is calmer in comparison to many of their songs but I think that it’s better for it, letting Alexis Krauss’ smooth, falsetto-esque vocals shine. The song starts with a basic click and drum beat that would catch anyone’s attention and roars into their characteristically loud, grating background. Then Krauss settles into the music in a beautiful way, her smoky feminine voice creating such a large contrast that it actually fits together perfectly.

I love most everything that Sleigh Bells does, but Comeback Kid is one of their brilliant moments, bringing together everything there is to love about music: entrancing vocals, dance-in-your-seat melodies, and meaningful lyrics.

Watch the video for Comeback Kid

Sleigh Bells has hinted at an album release sometime in 2013.



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