Listen: Kid Cudi’s “Solo Dolo Pt. II” featuring Kendrick Lamar

Holy shit. I’m always a little confused by Kid Cudi, unsure how I really feel about his music at the end of the day. His interesting personality has been the saving grace for my attention, but this new track off his upcoming album Indicud has Cudi stirring something much more colorful than before.

The song’s production is much different from it’s predecessor, in fact, if not for the title I probably wouldn’t relate the two. On the updated track, Cudi’s overcast singing is replaced by a head-ringing beat of organs, horns, and click-clacking to produce the high atmosphere. Much to my appreciation, this track focuses much more on the rapping than Cudi has done lately. Not to mention, he goes all out when he goes for rap, getting a feature from the best in rap at the moment: Kendrick Lamar.

Listen to “Solo Dolo Pt. II” below.



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