Feature: The Return of the French


Flashback to 2010 when America couldn’t get enough of what France didn’t want. Daft Punk, one of the most popular electronic music duos in the world, composed a score for Tron: Legacy. Newcomer Phoenix was riding the waves from the unexpected success of their Grammy-winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. House music group Justice was recording Audio, Video, Disco after their groundbreaking album † (Cross) reached critical acclaim.

Then they vanished. Or so it seemed. In reality the bands have been working on new projects that are all set to drop this year, the biggest being the release of Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories (May 21). Collaborators on the album include names like Julian Casablancas and Giorgio Moroder. Phoenix’s newest full length album, Bankrupt! (April 22), promises to be just as good as the last and their promotional performances include appearances on Saturday Night Live and at Coachella. Justice, fresh off the tour for Audio, Video, Disco have set a tentative 2013 date for a live album entitled Access All Arenas and plans to join The Chemical Brothers on Daft Punk’s U.S. tour.  

It wasn’t long ago that the United States embraced what France refused to, all three bands being on the outskirts of the French music scene, an industry devoted primarily to singer/songwriters. Now they’re back in full force and (hopefully) better than ever before.



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