Flashback: Jay-Z’s Really High Interview on David Letterman in 2009

Jay-Z chuckles at the notion of marrying Beyonce.
Jay-Z chuckles at the notion of marrying Beyonce.

In 2009, Jay-Z was being interviewed on the common album promotion circuit for his new album The Blueprint III. What wasn’t so common was the celebrity being interviewed showing up stoned beyond conversational abilities. David Letterman seems to realize what’s wrong pretty quickly in the interview as Jay-Z continues to misinterpret questions, giving his best attempt to appear ‘cool’. Hov’s lost stare, delayed laugh, and unawareness of the situation were just too much to cover. To Jay-Z’s undoing, the crowd isn’t fooled and Letterman continues to poke fun at the loss of direction in this tongue-in-cheek disaster.

The video went viral and I just came across it again recently. Despite getting high at the worst times, Jay-Z’s The Blueprint III proved to be a major hit, sparking his first number one radio hit “Empire State of Mind”.

Watch the hilariously reduced Jay-Z chat it up with Letterman below. Nothing beats his description of his vacation.



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