Review: Watch The Duck’s New EP Is Bold New Dubstep, Blends Soul & EDM

ANATIDAEPHOBIA is the first release from Watch The Duck, a unique brand of electronic dance music in the form of a traditional band: multiple DJ’s manually working production live as a singer croons his rough, soulful voice.

The EP is short and concise: five tracks with all you need to be introduced to the band. When I first heard the band before looking much into them, I thought that the voice gliding around the bass and clicks was sampled from some soul release; it sounded like something from a Curtis Mayfield soundtrack.

To my surprise, those vocals belonged to Jesse Rankins, who writes original material and performs it as a traditional singer-songwriter may. The only difference is that this singer-songwriters songbook consists of thick bass lines and freestyled electronic breakdowns to accompany the horns.

I thought the song was cool before but this dynamic makes the band all that more interesting. My favorite tracks from the EP are “Girlfriend” and “Poppin’ Off”, both of which most closely resemble something a typical band may do with drums, keyboards etc. – only blanketed by the ripping and spiraling of electronics. Those moments of the EP foreshadow something revolutionary for the genre and their unique approach is what makes the release so compelling to me.



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