Best Songs Ever: “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You)” by UGK featuring Outkast

UGK, left, and Outkast, right.
UGK, left, and Outkast, right.

Best Songs Ever is a column for Musical Chairs writers to share the songs that always hit home for them. Regardless of their era or genre, these songs remain timeless to the writer sharing them.

What happens when the pimps decide to leave their hoes and parties behind for marriage? UGK and Big Boi tempt their counterpart Andre 3000 otherwise – “Don’t do it, reconsider!” – but to no avail, and the group decides to treat the track as a player’s last stand, celebrating brotherhood comradery with the ultimate gangsta rap wedding song.

Nostalgia of times with your boys glistens all over the track with horns blaring and churchmen belting ooh’s and ahh’s behind Andre 3000’s opening verse, going through those in his past, texting “a girl I used to see, saying that I chose a cutie pie with whom I wanna be” while his friends promise they’ll still “have his back like chriopract”. 

I can’t help but love this song. It reminds me of all my friends and how our weddings could be, while the times Andre 3000 looks back on reminds me that’s what I’m in the thick of (despite having minimum hoes). This song just goes to show that even when we grow up, we may have to settle down and change our lives a little bit, but our best friends will always stick around regardless.

I’d call it one of the most “bro” songs ever. I hope I can play it at my wedding.

Check out the music video below.



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