Best Songs Ever: Path of the Wind (Totoro Remix)

Best Songs Ever is a column for Musical Chairs writers to share the songs that always hit home for them. Regardless of their era or genre, these songs remain timeless to the writer sharing them.

I had a different song slated for this Best Songs Ever, but it can wait until next week.

Last night I saw a screening of My Neighbor Totoro at a local independent theater. It was the first time I’d seen the famed children’s anime flick, but it wasn’t the first time I’d heard the immaculate soundtrack. The score alone captures many of the best themes of life portrayed in the film, like youth, innocence, and, once those things are lost, nostalgia for them. For your listening pleasure, here is M. Hisataakaa’s remix of the Totoro theme:


Japan’s underground scene is full of chill jazz and soul-influenced R&B and hip-hop: it leaks out of club windows and floats high above the city in high rise apartments, and there’s no doubt that my time there has influenced my taste in hip-hop production. Some of my favorite DJs are young Japanese salesmen and store clerks whose real passion lies in their SoundClouds and YouTube channels, and often it’s hard to find their work anywhere else.

I suppose that helps add to the mystery of it all. Who is M. Hisataakaa anyway? Maybe just a Japanese guy whose SoundCloud display picture is a razorblade. But regardless, the Totoro remix remains, to me, one of the Best Songs Ever.



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